You Can't Donate Your Past

"Thrift stores remind me of graveyards. But unlike graveyards, where the lives of thousands of people have come to the same final ending, second hand stores are a hybrid of death and life. When someone asks their husband to drop off a cardboard box full of things they don’t need anymore, those same unwanted things become someone else’s belongings. If every item in a thrift store is an unwanted memory, the folks like my dad and me who thrift every Wednesday after breakfast, are collectors of unwanted memories."

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Weekly Alibi: Women of Tent City

"And while the women at first are rightfully skeptical of me, after a few minutes of talking they become more welcoming. I quickly realize that the women I meet than first day aren’t unlike me: hot, annoyed with the people around us and in need of a tampon."

An investigative piece written about local homeless women in Albuquerque, NM. To read the full article click here